Our services

  • Management of the entire job order process, from acquisition right through to on site installation and hand-over.
  • Essequattro library of materials and finishes for Designers and Customers.
  • Development and technical support.

. woodworking – in house production

The best suited selection of materials to various design needs, plays a fundamental role within the entire processing cycle (cutting up, pressing, squarting..). Thanks to machineries of latest technology, all these operations are carried out with extreme precision. Highest accuracy, attention and reliability are the distinctive features of Essequattro’s production philosophy.

. metalworking – in house production

A high specialized in house carpentry department allows Essequattro to offer maximum customization, and meet every production need.
Some of its metalworking are:

  • processing of brushed, polished and matt stainless steel
  • painted and machined steel, treated with different finishes
  • brass, bronze and special alloys processing
  • laser processing

. coating & painting – in house department

The painting department with three cabins and one of drying (programmable thermoregulation system, hot air heating system), allows Essequattro to guarante a quick drying of the painted products and a better quality of the finishing. Essequattro works any material with different coating and finishes (varnish, enamel, wax, polish and matt treatments) to satisfy any type of request.

. packaging & shipping – in house department

Our department allows a tailor made packaging, ensuring high quality standard.

. pre assembling & fit out

A team of professionals will deal the installation of furniture and interiors worldwide with skill and care.

. after-sale

After work completion, Essequattro keeps assisting the Client with a personalized and professional after-sale service.