Our method

turnkey tailor-made solutions

Essequattro is focused to build an exclusive relationship with each Customer based on transparency and clarity.
The ability to listen and interpret specific needs enables the company to act as an ideal partner for achieving results at the highest level: from the creative phase to the executive development of the project and right up to its completion.

Custom made for Essequattro means:

  •  Managing of each project with total respect to the budget, time constraints and specific needs of the Customer;
  • Research and careful selection of the finest, most exclusive materials, from fabric to wood, from stone to metal;
  • Implementation of a series of internal operations to support the Designer and the Customer;
  • Total flexibility in adapting to new needs or variations during construction.

Essequattro provides a project manager to each Customer: he is responsible for the planning, implementation and monitoring of the project.
The process development involves two strategic areas of competence: operational – methodologies, tools and work techniques; and relational – interpersonal dynamics and communication.
The first area is the responsibility of the in house technical office, which relies on the contribution of technicians and architects working with dedication in Essequattro from many years. The Designers and Customers can count therefore on figures able to take charge of all tasks of the job order, of any nature and at different scales (from development and assistance to the layout, through to structural verifications, ..).
The project is in fact analyzed and engineered highlighting the typological nodes and solving them for production purposes. This is the precious contribution that has always been appreciated by Customers, who turn to Essequattro recognizing its method and ability to achieve the result.

certifications: an ungoing commitment for a better future

Essequattro has always been committed to protecting the environment.
The FSC® environmental certification promotes sustainable forest management and it is strongly supported by World Wild Fund of Nature (WWF).
The company respects very strict environmental, social and economic standards, ensuring that the wood and its derivatives come from forests managed according to livelihood programs and that the finished product is socially and economically ethical.
Essequattro owes also an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, aimed at constantly monitoring the relationship between the company and the natural environment.